Electric Vehicles (EV)

100% powered by electricity, electric vehicles use energy stored in the batteries to power one or multiple electric motors, compared to a conventional vehicle that burns fuel in an engine. Cost wise, this battery technology will take you further for your dollar.

Hybrid Vehicles (HEV)

Hybrid cars combine a petrol or diesel engine with an electric motor to lower fuel consumption and emissions, by either reducing an engine’s workload or by solely relying on battery power. This driving experience is not dissimilar to a conventional vehicle in the way you still visit your local service station to fill up, however the tank is much smaller, and the battery will charge as you drive to provide additional assistance during acceleration and take over at low speeds.

Plug-In Hybrid

Imagine the advances of Electric and the intelligence of Hybrid, hand-in-hand, skipping through a meadow. These two powertrains combined in a single vehicle compose the clever Plug-In Hybrid, so you experience the best of both worlds. With the option to switch between HEV and EV modes, you can be in complete control. Now that’s smart!

Fuel Cell (FCEV)

Fuel cell electric vehicles are hydrogen-powered game-changers that not only emit zero emissions, but also cleans the air of particulates at the same time… Just when we all thought tapping your head and rubbing your stomach simultaneously was impossible!
Within the vehicle is an electric motor that produces power to combine oxygen from the surrounding air with hydrogen, resulting in electricity which runs the motor and charges the battery.

Models of the future, available today. Explore the range.

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[H1] Source: #1 2020 IONIQ Electric, and #2 is 2020 Kona Electric from Green Vehicles Guide

[H1] Source: #1 2020 IONIQ Electric, and #2 is 2020 Kona Electric from Green Vehicles Guide